The Xhapeland is a Portuguese company and brand based in Cascais, dedicated to the manufacture of Surf boards, SUP, Kitesurfing and Wake Surfing on the strand waves. 
By adopting the models of modern manufacturing processes, currently produces brands like Wanted Surfboards, Chilli Surfboards, Rusty Surfboards, Jason Rodd Surfboards and Town & County Surfboards for the European Market, offering yet all services of the boards construction process: Design, Cut, Shape, Laminating and Finishing. 


Produce high quality boards by using the best manufacturing techniques and the best materials and products available in the market.


We produce Surfboards, SUP, Kitesurfing, Wake Surfing, Skim Boarding and Wake Skimboard for local shapers, international shapers and brands, surf shops with own brand or for companies that want to produce boards with their own brand, and still offering all services that are connected with the boards construction process.


The Xhapeland uses the best manufacturing techniques and the best materials available on the market to produce high quality boards to any local or global shaper or companies that want to produce boards under their own brands. 
Currently Xhapeland represents, distributes and officially produces the following brands: 


The Wanted Surfboards is a Portuguese brand of high quality and high performance boards. It is the first multi sports brand to emerge in the European market, producing surfboards, SUP, Kitesurfing, wake surf, skim boarding  and wake skimboard, always with a high degree of customization and efficiency. Rui Menezes “Picos”, Luis Carvalho “Lacrau” and Lino Curado are the brand responsible who sign the boards. 


Recognized by their top boards, extraordinary quality control and customer service, Chili Surfboards is currently one of the worlds leading brands, having as “Test Drivers” some of the most respected surfers of high competion.


Founded in 1985 in California, Rusty Surfboards has remained at the forefront of the times as only the big brands can do. With excellent doses of professionalism, quality and innovation, a diversified offer, from high performance boards to classic or alternative models, has Josh Kerry, Noa Dean and William Cardoso among their “Test Drivers”. 


Headquartered in Hawaii, the Town & Country is one of the most searched brand by the thousands of surfers that every year invade the North Shore during the Hawaian season. 
Specialist in boards for big waves, Glenn Pang is the resident shaper of the brand, for Xhapeland, applying 40 years of accumulated experience in every board that does. M. Potter, J. Patterson, A. Iron and T. Burrow are some of the names that use or used already his creations.


Originally from the Goald Coast in Australia, “JR” is known for its innovatives designs, modern manufacturing methods and attention to detail. Dealing in a special way each order, Jason is the choice of top surfers like K. Perrow, D. Atkinson and W. Carmichael, among others.